Getting to know you.. Getting to know all about you!

A Colorado native and a graduate of the University of Denver, I enjoy Denver’s city living with the mountains at my fingertips. I received my real estate license during my undergraduate study in 2006 and have been working in the industry since 2005; currently working as a licensed assistant at Perry and Company. I also received my Bachelor’s Degree in International Business with a minor in Real Estate. I’ve have been enjoying the benefits of a steady yoga practice for over three years. In 2011, I was certified as a Yoga Instructor in Hot Yoga & Hot Power Fusion from Corepower Yoga, LLC.

I have come to realize that with the two loves of my life, real estate and yoga, I truly just enjoy helping friends and family create a lifestyle that fits their personality. Whether it be finding a house to transform into a home or helping a student enrich their daily lives with a cleansing and meditative yoga practice; I enjoy helping those around me find their own path to a lifestyle of bliss.

Please visit this web page often and use it as a tool to learn more about the neighborhoods of the Denver metro area, clear your mind with a weekly yoga intention and to learn more about the community events within the area. You are encouraged to leave feedback or comments and as always, please ask questions whether real estate or yoga related, because when it comes to those topics, Kelly Rose Knows!


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