New Videos for 2012!

2012 is officially off with a running head start. It’s hard to believe how fast last year went and with all the exciting plans I have for 2012, I have a feeling that this year will go by even faster. I hope that everyone had an amazing New Year. I know I did celebrating with my fiance and friends. Tomorrow we will have Collette Jones of Paradigm Interior Design joining us for another guest blog, but for now I wanted to share 2 great videos with you!

The first off is a video posted from FOX news about the great outlook Denver real estate has to look forward to in 2012. Denver is the placed to be! As a native, I can’t say enough about this great city. If you’re not yet swayed about buying or selling at the moment, watch the videos and let me know your thoughts. And the same goes for those who’ve made the decision to move in the next 12 months and you’re ready to go down the home sale/purchase journey – call or email me!

The next video is for all of my yogis. Please excuse the language in the title, but for those yoga students who are “regulars”, they will definitely get a good laugh out of this video. It put a smile on my face and I hope it does the same for you!



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