The Real Estalker – Jack Nicholson Aspen, Colorado

I love summertime in Colorado and I’ve been itching to get to the mountains lately. I’m looking forward to the few trips I have planned to Steamboat and Beaver Creek later this season. Maybe that’s why I’ve been looking at celebrity housing up in the hills lately. Which is why I stumbled upon this cute Victorian home that is currently on the market; owned by Jack Nicholson, it’s nowhere near as decked out as I would have thought. This home is actually on the historic register known as the Newberry House in Aspen, Colorado.

The Specs: 5 Beds | 8 Baths | 5,790 SF | 12,000 SF Lot | Asking Price $15,000,000

Built in 1895 for a man named William Shaw, this house oozes Victorian excellence and traditional character. The green gables, 2 ½ story frame and large wrap around veranda make this perfect for enjoying the cool summer evenings typical of the mountains. This home was also built with a carriage house, which was unusual for its time. Sitting on the North side of Lake Avenue, I found out that this home was Jack Nicholson’s second real estate purchase in Aspen; buying it only because the first home he bought didn’t have great television reception and he needed a place to watch the Laker’s games. Ahh celebrity problems..

I only wish I could find some photos of the interior – I’m sure it’s still has a lot of it’s vintage charm!


Photo credit to for the photos!


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