I’ve been waiting to check this place out.. Fresh Fare Market

I lived in the DU neighborhood for 9 years and for the past 4 years we’ve watched the northwest corner of Hampden & University Blvd sit as a sometimes busy construction site, but mostly an abandoned dirt hole.  Finally, the long delayed Kent Place development is finishing it’s work and is set to open in January 2013. I’m most excited for the Fresh Fare by King Soopers  – an upscale grocery store. It’s located just south of the Hampden Hills neighborhood and already has several other businesses going in around it. This is great for the immediate surrounding neighborhoods.

Now when you’ve forgotten about the appetizer you were supposed to take to a friends dinner party, are hosting a meal of your own, or the options in your fridge are less than appetizing, you can pick up higher end dinner options. Eek I’m excited to try out their dishes, and maybe try to pass them off as my own. 🙂  The store will cater to shoppers seeking freshness, variety and quick meal solutions, with fruits and vegetables from local growers, organic and gluten-free products, a sandwich shop, ready-to-heat entrées, ready-to-eat salads, sushi made fresh daily, Murray’s cheese shop, an expanded butcher shop and more than 50 varieties of seafood.

Other stores opening officially are Patxi’s, a San Francisco-based pizza restaurant; Kriser’s, a pet supply and grooming store; and Wine Pro. All but one space have been leased.

Dinner anyone? 🙂


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