Go Green at Home!

Realtor.com has posted an article on the housing market affected by “green features”.  Click Here for the full version

We are seeing an upswing in green features being marketed in homes; especially in the new construction neighborhoods throughout Denver.

If you’re currently interested in making your home more energy efficient, not only can you get rebates from Xcel on your monthly bill, but you’re also updating the home for future resale and marketability.

Sustainable Improvements is a local company that specializes in energy audits of older homes. After their hour long, thorough investigation of the house, they give a detailed report on ways your home is letting go of energy. Sustainable Improvements can also perform all the updates recommended for your home to bring it up to “green speed” at competitive and reasonable pricing.

According to the article, ” …when it comes time to sell, studies suggest home owners will likely see a boost in price. Homes in California with a green label sold for about 9 percent more than comparable homes without the green label, according to a 2012 study by professors at the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of California, Los Angeles.”

If going green has been on your mind, consider reaching out to Sustainable Improvements and ask for Chris! Website http://sustainable-improvements.com/  Phone 303- 549-9498

As we get into the warm summer months, we will surely have the air conditioning, attic fan or swamp cooler running full term. What are other simply ways we  can conserve energy on a daily basis? Sound off below!


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